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BAG: Controlling light simply, safely and efficiently

BAG: Controlling light simply, safely and efficiently

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is the simplest form of light control and is the first choice for major luminaire and control equipment producers. BAG electronics is for good reasons one of the founding members of the DALI work group and is committed at many levels. In the new “DALI group”, a ZVEI work group, our company is active both at executive level and also contributes to the work groups.

A story of success since the 1990s: the DALI standard with dimmable ballasts enables enormous possibilities for saving energy compared to standard lighting systems, and operators with DALI can also reduce costs for maintenance and repair. DALI as an open standard represents a common platform for energy-efficient and high performance light control systems, and a further major benefit is simple and low-cost installation. With over 80 international members, DALI today is an essential standard for digital lighting.

BAG acknowledged this platform at an early time as a founding member of the DALI work association. Greater demands for energy saving, upcoming LED solutions and the increasing familiarity of systems for light control mean that DALI is more important than ever before. To offer the increasing number of members options for active contribution, for strengthening market expertise and for continuously developing the standard, the DALI work group has now incorporated a new organisational structure and a new name as well. We are represented at executive level in the new “DALI group” with Mr. Michael Spall, and employees from BAG are continuous and active members of the two new work groups for technology and marketing.

The technology group is busy with all technical topics, including the launching of a new testing process for logo licensing. A technical manager also provides support in structuring this activity. The work group for marketing concentrates on the communication and expansion of expertise in the marketplace and the development of a programme for increasing the global number of members. We are certainly pleased to contribute to furthering the DALI success story.