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About BAG Electronics

Megaman UK teamed up with the BAG Group two years ago to bring BAG's exciting range of innovative, energy-saving lighting solutions to the UK market. In parallel, the two companies are now sharing their global research and development efforts to ensure that light sources and controls evolve in harmony to deliver maximum efficiency and performance benefits. BAG is a long established global leader in lighting electronics, headquartered in Arnsberg, Germany, and a member of the TRILUX group of companies. Its product portfolio is now focused on components for LED lighting, and control gear for FL and HID lamps. All BAG products come with a 5 year warranty.

Solutions for the light of the future

  • Founded in Switzerland in 1909
  • Product portfolio mainly focused on components for LED lighting, control gear for FL and HID lamps
  • Approximately 3,000 employees worldwide
  • Headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany
  • Development locations in Germany and India
  • Production in China, Philippines and India, as well as proven EMS providers in Germany, Hungary / Bulgaria and Philippines
  • Global customer structure, supplying over 50 countries
  • BAG Electronics Group is member of the TRILUX Group