• LED Lamps

    • Thermal Conductive Highway

      The key to maximising light output and lumen maintenance lies in sound thermal management. Our patented Thermal Conductive HighwayTM (TCH) technology uses a unique design of 'heat drain' across the reflector to dissipate heat efficiently and prevent deterioration of the LED chip and other components. The technology also gives the lamps a longer life with high lumen maintenance, resulting in 85% of initial lumens being available even at the end of lamp life.

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps

    • Liquid Mercury Free

      Megaman uses Amalgam in all of its lamps, offering a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to liquid mercury.

    • Plastic Lamp Base

      High-heat resistant ABS with copper & nickel plating. Recyclable, no PBB / PBDE. Prevents rust. No soldering or stainless steel.

    • Mechanical

      Mechanical "Snap-in" Method - Components are fitted together simply & firmly. Speeds up production process and makes recycling easier.

    • Unique Cooling Tube

      Houses Amalgam and acts as a light output regulator. Ensures Amalgam vaporises when hot to cool down the lamp and guarantee 100% light output at all times.

    • EUP Phase-Out

      Megaman products meet the extra requirements and product certifications required by the new EUP legislation.

    • Water-based Sealants

      To prevent emission of odour during production, water-based sealants are used instead of glue. No toxic gas is released when lamp is in operation.

    • Lead-free soldering & Glass Tubes

      Eliminates harmful soldering at contact point of lamp base. Lead-free glass tubes eliminate contamination upon disposal of lamp.

    • Silicone Sleeve

      Rids the use of acids for producing frosted finishing on glass covers. Confines mercury & shattered glass if lamp is accidentally broken.

    • All-round Illumination

      Megaman's Classic and Candle series has been carefully designed with translucent housing to deliver all-round illumination.

    • Dimmerable

      Our unique DIMMERABLE lamps offer the choice of full light output or dimmed, mood-sensitive illumination. Compatible with a wide range of electronic dimming systems.

    • Sensor Light

      Equipped with an ingenious internal light sensor, the Megaman Sensor Light automatically lights up at nightfall and turns off at daybreak. Great for external security or garden lighting applications.

    • Powerlens

      This technology amplifies luminous intensity by 20% and creates a more concentrated light cone for our reflector series. It allows 80% or or more light output within an angle of 120 degrees, complying with EU regulations (EC244/2009).