The European Union has passed legislation to ban all incandescent and halogen lightbulbs, which are highly inefficient and energy-wasteful, within the next few years. Some have already disappeared from high street shops, and all others will follow by the end of 2012.

By taking this action, the EU expects to reduce the huge annual carbon dioxide emissions of power stations by around 15 million tonnes, and huge savings to be made in power generation costs. The phase out should enable about 5-10 billion Euros to be re-invested in the European economy.

Inefficient, non-clear (opaque, or frosted) lightbulbs were phased out from September 2009, and in the future all bulbs with this type of finish will need to be of a certified low-energy type, Class A.

Also from September 2009, all bulbs equivalent in light output to the 100W clear incandescent and above have had to be the improved efficiency halogen types certified with at least a Class C.

By the end of 2012, other wattage levels will follow and the bulbs that replace them will also have to have a Class C certification. The EU's most commonly used bulb, the 60W frosted type, will remain available until September 2011 and both 40 and 25W types until September 2012.

Here at Megaman we have been preparing for some time to meet the extra requirements and product certifications which these new changes have required.

We are already capable of meeting the EU's timetable of changes, and are able to supply highly efficient low-energy equivalents of every type of lightbulb you are likely to require.

Phase-out Schedule for incandescent lamps under Commission Registration (EC) No.224/2009