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Energy Saving Calculator

Read our energy saving tips & hints and use our Energy Saving Calculator to find out how much you can save in both money and CO2 emissions using MEGAMAN Energy Saving Light Bulbs. We have both a CFL calculator and a LED calculator.

Download the Calculator (Microsoft Excel)

Lighting Features

  • Use energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) with high frequency ballasts, which can help you save up to 80% electrical energy consumption for lighting.
  • Only use CFLs with an energy label to ensure luminous efficacy. The energy label guarantees that the CFLs can operate a long service life and illumination output is able to meet international safety standards.
  • Use lighting fixtures that match the environment together with appropriate luminaries.

Lighting Controls

  • Use timer control devices to limit unnecessary lighting.
  • Use natural light whenever possible and practical.

Lighting Maintenance

  • Ageing lamps or dirt on fixtures can reduce total illumination by 50%; periodical cleaning of lighting fixtures is necessary.
  • Clean or repaint rooms with lighter colours to enhance light reflection.